Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gift from England

My parents attended my younger brother graduation in England in August. They stayed there for a month as to enjoy their holidays. When they called me up and asked what to bring back for me? I answered, baking ingredients or accessaries which are not many expensive.

Guess what she bought for me???
(except sexy blouses, skirts and jeans... earrings and necklace, which i never thought of taking photo for them >.<) She bought these for me to crack my head, is it? Oh!.... ....
That's a pizza plate and a tool to smash potato are left out in the photo, Opps!
She said i am the big winner... ... in her luggage! Hohoho~


  1. 有时晴,有时雨。这就是人生:)

  2. 无论是什么,收到手信或礼物就是一件开心的事~~