Monday, October 18, 2010

Deep Fried Glutinuos Rice Balls 豆蓉煎堆

My only brother has tied the knot on 161010. We had been busy for few weeks for all the preparation of the wedding and banquet. That's why i have not been baking so far. I am glad that he has finally settled down and found his happiness. This is a big event for our Lee family.

My mom has ordered catering services at noon to serve the coming guests and relatives. I volunteer myself to prepare one dish~ either chicken floss cake or glutinous balls.

There is still 1kg full packet of Lotus paste in my fridge that i bought before Lantern Festival, but fail to use it. Therefore, i decided to prepare glutinous balls. I waked up at 5.00am to prepare the dough. After all the wrapping and frying, it's already 7.00am.

I double up the recipe Deep Fried Glutinuos Rice Balls , and got 43 balls altogether. All the guests like them so... so much!! And even ask me for the recipe!! So, i highly recommend this recipe to u ~ ^^


  1. 呵呵,炸得很美,那些芝麻都稳稳地黏着没有掉落,很厉害了啦~~

  2. Congratulations to your brother ^_^

    And thks for the recipe of the glutinous rice ball, I like to eat this very much, with peanut + sugar filling

  3. 鲸鱼,

    Thanks, dear.
    U must try this receip~ NO REGRET!!