Friday, December 4, 2009

Chocolate Muffin with Chocolate Chunks

Since last baked for brownie, my hubby is craving for chocolate. He requested me to bake the rich chocolate brownie again, but i am bored of having the same food continuosly. It has been quite some time that the family do not have muffins. (I never bought muffin from bakery, as i found them too sweet and not soft/fluffy to my taste)

Again, i used the "Best muffin recipes" in my cookbook. This time, i omitted the chocolate chips, and substitute with chocolate chunks/flakes to add into batter. I spinkled some chocolate chips on top for a nicer presentation. Somemore, the milk i used is Dutch Lady Chocolate flavour fresh milk. Oh, can you imagine how rich of the taste of chocolate in my muffin ??? LOL .......

The texture , again, turn out soft and fluffy. Thanks Hsling ..... :)

Please refer recipe from Triple Chocolate Muffins
Ingredients are all the same, except:
*I substitute the chocolate chips to a small bowl of chocolate chunks/flakes, chopped from dark chocolate bar
*liquid increased to 60ml chocolate flavour milk

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