Saturday, December 12, 2009

Express homemade Kaya

I love kaya toast, but I never thought i will be making kaya myself. I am a lazy bone. I understand that making kaya needs continuously stiring to avoid burnt at the bottom. Hand is tiring and the process takes very long time.

BUT, i came across this recipe which i would call it EXPRESS HOMEMADE KAYA. From preparation, cooking until it's done, i took only half an hour. Can you believe it? It's so easy, simple, and super-express to make a homemade kaya.... Oh! i was so delighted that i feel like singing .... LOL....The taste? you can't doubt it!! as tasty as those homemade kaya. The flavour of egg is just too...too strong!

Recipe from Ching 咖椰のDIY
150 castor sugar
2 tbls brown sugar
100ml coconut milk
some pandan leave


1. Stir together eggs, castor sugar and brown sugar in a bowl. Cook on the stove with minimum gas, continue stiring until sugar dissolve.

2. Filter the egg and sugar mixture. Cook on the stove again with minimum gas, and added in the pandan leave. Continue stiring while adding in the coconut milk slowly.

3. Stir until the kaya is thicker and creamier. Remove the pandan leave. Leave cool before storing. Now, enjoy your kaya with toast!

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  1. home made kaya is the best! great blog. will come back to visit you :)