Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blueberry Cheesecake

I try this cheese cake with chocolate sponge cake base. But i think i never did well in the sponge cake. It's not soft at all..... :(

Never mind.... the cheese cake turns out very smooth and silky. Maybe the method of melting the cheese cheese and adding the watery whipping cream did the contribution :)

Steam bake method really make it more presentable ... no cracking and the cream cheese never turn browny around the rim. :)

The combination of blueberry and cheese is really YUMMY!!!

Recipe from Mikiko 蓝莓芝士蛋糕

Chocolate Cake Base:
2 eggs
40g sugar
50g flour
2 tbls cocoa powder
25g melted butter

1. Beat eggs until bubble, add in sugar in 3 times. Beat until
2. Add in flour and cocoa powder, continue stiring. Pour in the melted butter, continue stiring until all combine.
3. Bake 160C for 10 mins. Leave cool. Put back into baking tray.

Cheese Batter:
250g cream cheese
50g sugar
140ml whipping cream (no need to whisk)
2 egg yolk
1 tbl cakeflour
Blueberry filling

1. Melt the cream cheese with sugar on gas. Use spoon to stir continuously until the cheese batter become silky and smooth.
2. Off the gas. Pour in the whipping cream, stir until well mix.
3. When the cheese batter has turned cool, add in 2 egg yolks and cake flour. Stir until well combined.
4. Add in 2 table spoon of filling and stir well (up to your preference)
5.Pour the cheese batter on the chocolate cake. Steam bake for 30mins at 160C. Leave in the oven with door open for another 1hour.
6. Leave cool, spread some blueberry filling on top. Refrigerate overnight.

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