Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheesecake in Mooncake

New challenge, new experiment! I hope you like it!

I am thinking to make a mooncake without hassle to duel with the skin. Traditional and snowskin mooncake need many ingredients and preparation, which i have no patience, oops!

I am into cheesecake so much that i am thinking hard how to put it into mooncake. Well, i am inspired by 《大日子》,ice-cream filling in a chocolate skin mooncake! OK! let's substitute it with cheesecake filling!!!

Well, i admit it's fattening. Women like me wants to keep fit, will not have many pieces. Anyway, i like my new experiment!!

Recipes (make 4 mooncakes)

Cheesecake filling:

125g cream cheese

20g sugar

1 egg


Combine all the ingredients and fill up 4 moulds. Bath-bake for 30 mins. Leave cool and refrigerate for later use.

Chocolate skin:

300g chocolate bar, chopped

90g butter, melted


Combine melted butter with chopped chocolate bar. Stir until fully melted and smooth. Stay warm.


Wet the jelly mooncake mould (for easier remove later).

Put 3 tablespoon of chocolate in to the mould. Spread evenly and flat. Freeze for 10mins.

Put the cheesecake on top of the frozen chocolate. Pour remaining chocolate on top, and spread evenly. Bring it back to freezer for another 5 hours.

Rinse mould with tap water, bring out the ready mooncake into plate. Cut and serve!


  1. Hi,
    First time here. This mooncake is so special, must be yummy :)

  2. 哇!这个idea很棒哦!我喜欢!