Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pandan Egg Tarts

Pastry AGain!
Yes, the same dough recipe with last post, Apple Pie. The crust is so irresistible that i use it again to bake egg tarts.

Mikiko's pics really enlighten me and it's definately a motivation for me to bake this Pandan Egg Tarts straight away! Well, it is simply DeLiCiouS!

Highly recommended ...

Recipes from Mikiko 班兰蛋挞
(enough to make 20 mini tarts)

Egg custard filling:
60g sugar
145ml water
2 1/2 eggs
40ml fresh milk
few drops pandan colouring
1. Bring 145 ml water to boil, add in sugar and stir until fully dissolved.
2. Leave the syrup to cool. Then add in eggs and milk, stir until well combined.
3. Give two drops of pandan colouring, and stir again.
4. Sieve 2 to 3 times.

150g plain flour
1 tsp custard powder
1 tsp milk powder
1 tbls sugar
1/2 egg
100g melted butter
1. Mix flour, milk powder, custard powder and sugar in a bowl.
2. Add in melted butter and egg. Use spoon to mix well, until it form a dough. Do not over mix, or it will become tough. (no machine needed)
3. Assembly the dough into mini tart mould, use fork to prick some small holes, then fill in the custard filling.
4. Bake 160 C for 25mins.

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