Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Orange Chiffon

Oh no,I am CRAZY enough to present my 3rd chiffon within a week! I wanted to find out / try out the reason why i my chiffon doesn't rise like flat. This time i use 6 eggs with the same size (20cm) chiffon tube pan. The result is the same, fluffy and soft texture, still "refuse to grow higher" >_<

I like the colour of orange chiffon, as decent and sweet as little girl. Don't doubt about the aroma, with fresh orange juice squeezed! :)

Same recipe with Coco Chiffon , except:
*change from previous 5 eggs to 6 eggs
*substitute chocolate milk to fresh orange juice (i squeeze from 2 oranges)
*of course, no cocoa powder this time.... all 150g self-rising flour

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