Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oreo Parmesan Cheesecake

Hi, bloggers.....
You might be drooling over my cheesecake, right? You might be thinking, it looks so tempting and perfect, haha! I had the same thinking too.... (Don't misunderstand that i was too proud)
Actually, it's for seeing ONLY! After the first spoon of serving into my mouth, i just vomit out without swallowing !It just can't be eaten totally!!!! YuCK!!!
PARMESAN cheese, you are just not up to the cheesecake standard!! YOU could only be the "add-on" on the pasta or pizza. Don't step across the border, never ever!!!!
In my baking journey, i had never throw away any "babies", even the first trial of any type of desserts. It' the FIRST TIME!!! One thing that's can console me is, the pic still looks nice!


  1. 真的酱难吃meh??不过卖相真的很好!

  2. 真的一口都吞不下!过多parmasen cheese的味道太恐怖了!还是乖乖对Philadelphia死心塌地吧, 哈哈!同样的食谱换成Phila,应该也会有同样的卖相!