Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pandan Chiffon

I am challenging Chiffon this time. I borrow the 20 cm chiffon mould from my mother. I consulted blogger friend, Pynn, and do many research from blogs of many master of Chiffon, like Mok and Moon.

I don't have pandan essence, so i substitute with vanilla essence. However, the pandan juice really did its part. After my chiffon sit in the oven for 10 mins, the pandan aroma started to "seduce"us. The longer the time, the stronger the aroma. Emmm...........

While i was peeping from the glass door, i was a bit disappointed. The chiffon doesn't "rise" high enough. I think it rise not more than 1 inch. Oh no! will i bake a fail chiffon???? i was cracking my head, but still i need to wait patiently until it's fully baked.

After 40 mins sitting in the over, i took it out and turn over for cooling. I did this action as fast as i could to avoid it from sinking further (since it didn't rise properly as expected). To ascertain the chiffon remain its shape, i never touch it until 3 hours later. It's really easy to get the chiffon out from the mould. Just use small and sharp knife to cut the eage slowly and carefully.

Well, after unmould it's really "short". However, when i cut a piece and taste. The texture is extremely SOFT! I enjoy it with the strong pandan aroma! MUST try again this recipe , and make sure i won't over-stiring the egg white mixture with the egg yolk mixture. This is what i thought would be the main reason for the rising problem.

As i was using 20cm chiffon mould, i reduce proportionly to 4 eggs recipes.

Ingredient A:
4 egg yolk
60g sugar
4 tbls corn oil (i use spoon that we drink soup)
6 tbls pandan juice (i use spoon that we drink soup)
few drop green colouring
few drop vanilla essence

Ingredient B:
120g self-rising flour

Ingredient C:
4 egg white
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
50g sugar (still very sweet, should reduce to 30g)

1. Mix all the ingredients A, combine well. Pour in ingredient B, stir well.
2. Whisk egg white until bubble, add in cream of tartar whisk until creamy. Slowly add in 1/2 the sugar, continue whisking until stiff. Add in another 1/2 of sugar, whisk again until it never fall down while turn over.

3. Scope 1/3 of egg white into egg yolk mixture. Use spatula to mix (scope from downards to upwards) After it's well mixed, pour it into the 2/3 of egg white. Continue mixing with the same method by using spatula.

4. Bake 160 C for 20mins , and 140C for another 30mins.

5. When it's baked, over turn it immediately. Leave for 3 hours or more to unmould it with small knife.

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