Monday, August 2, 2010

Lemon Swiss Roll

It's been quite some time i never tasted swiss roll. Although i love swiss roll, i am not buying those selling at the bakery shop. I found them too sweet to my taste, why not bake one by myself?
I always flipping the recipe book 《孟老师的美味蛋糕卷》, even though i had encountered few times of failure there. For a higher chance of success, i choose to use chiffon cake basis.

When i pour the batter into the cake pan, i know this would be a successful one. Yes, the cake texture is as soft as chiffon, and the strong taste of egg, with the freshness of lemon. Wow~~

The butter lemon cream still cannot convince me to fall in love with him. Therefore, i never follow the original recipe to apply butter cream topping. I still prefer whipping cream instead. However, my kids enjoy the swiss roll very much. They thought the filling is cream cheese... Yummy!!


  1. ur lemon swiss roll
    look so delicious
    thinking eat wth lemon taste
    must yummy ^^

  2. 昨天在超市买了一包五粒的柠檬,还在想要做什么东东。这个还不能做,我还不会卷。唉。。。