Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yum Yum Balls

Haha.... for those who "pass-by" my food blog, you MUST TRY this simple and easy, Yet, Very YuMMy Balls. All who had a bite, never resist for the second!! It is not "heaty"as those chocolate truffle, as it doesn't use melted chocolate for its ingredients. Instead, it is a healthy snacks, use MARIE biscuits!!
Let me share this wonderful recipe to you. I made 20 balls.
Things to Prepare:
150g MARIE biscuits (i used coffee flavour)
4 tbsp cocoa powder (i used Van Houten, very rich)
200ml condensed milk
Almond nibs
Cocoa powder
Chocolate rice
Ways to Do:
1. Crush the MARIE biscuits in a large bowl.
2. Add in cocoa powder, stir till well mixed.
3. Pour in condensed milk. Stir until become sticky dough.
4. Use two spoon to scoop the dough to form balls.
5. Rolls the balls to coat the cocoa powder, or nuts, or chocolate rice, as prefered.
6. Refrigerate in the freezer to let it firm to shape.

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