Friday, April 3, 2009

Milky Chocolate Ice Cream

Extremely excited when i see this milky and creamy ice-cream made by my own hands!! Never ever thought that ice-cream can be done at home so easily, without ice-cream maker. I was too eager to taste it, before i can decorate it more nicely!! Next time, should put some almond nibs and chocolate glazing on top....

Recipe from The Kitchen 70's


A:3 egg yolks,40gcaster sugar,1tsp corn flour

B:170ml fresh milk ,1tsp vanilla essence,100g milk chocolate

C:220g non-dairy whipping cream


1) Beat (A) until turning pale

2)Cook (B) until chocolate melt and add in (A) continue cooking until well mix.

3)Beat (C) until peak foam. Then stir in the the above mixture.

4)Pour into a container , refrigerate overnight.

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