Tuesday, March 31, 2009

鸡蛋糕Strawberry Swirl Cake (Steam)

My mum always prepared this for our breakfast last time. It is soft and very much eggs flavour. I can continuously eating 4pcs and don't feel greasy.

Recipe from my lovely mom

1 bowl eggs (est. 3 eggs)
3/4 bowl caster sugar
1 bowl flour
2 table spoon water
Strawberry Jam

Beat eggs & sugar until peak and very fluffy, around 10mins (This step will affect its rising)
Add water, and fold in flour.
Pour the batter into a heat-prove bowl. Put some strawberry jam on top and use fork to make swirl.
Steam in a hot pot of water for around 20mins.

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  1. wow this one looks good.. i may want to try it someday.. steam cakes are very healthy!