Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Orange Chiffon

Oh no,I am CRAZY enough to present my 3rd chiffon within a week! I wanted to find out / try out the reason why i my chiffon doesn't rise like flat. This time i use 6 eggs with the same size (20cm) chiffon tube pan. The result is the same, fluffy and soft texture, still "refuse to grow higher" >_<

I like the colour of orange chiffon, as decent and sweet as little girl. Don't doubt about the aroma, with fresh orange juice squeezed! :)

Same recipe with Coco Chiffon , except:
*change from previous 5 eggs to 6 eggs
*substitute chocolate milk to fresh orange juice (i squeeze from 2 oranges)
*of course, no cocoa powder this time.... all 150g self-rising flour

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cream CHEESE Swiss Roll

This is not an ordinary swiss roll. Don't judge it's taste by its look!
The cake itself contains mild flavour of Phila cream cheese, but the filling is creamy rich Phila!

I cut 3 lines (without cutting through) before rolling. It really works! See from my picture? The inner part of the swiss roll is nicely rolled!! That's no "lobang" ! I am delighted for it's look as well as its taste!! It's best serve when the filling cream cheese has set!
I strongly recommeded this recipe for cheese lover!

Receip from Alex Goh

Ingredient A:
60ml fresh milk
50g Cream cheese

Ingredient B:
25ml corn oil

Ingredient C:
65g superfine flour

Ingredient D:
6pcs egg yolks
10g sugar

Ingredient E:
3pcs egg whites
1/8tsp cream of tartar
60g sugar

1. Double boil Ingredient A, then add in Ingredient B to combine.
2. Add in Ingredient C, then stir in Ingredient D to mix well.
3.Beat Ingredient E until hard peak, then mix with the egg yolk mixture.
4. Pour the batter into swiss roll pan. Bake 170C for 25 mins.
5. When the cake is cool, spread the cream cheese filing, roll up. Refrigerate few hours until the cream cheese filling has set.

Ingredients for cream cheese filling:
125g Cream cheese
30g icing sugar
40g butter
1tbsp lemon juice

1. Beat cream cheese until creamy. Add in icing sugar, mix well.
2. Add in butter and beat until creamy. Add in lemon juice.

Coco Chiffon

I am temporary addicted to baking chiffon. Just curious and glad to see the egg white to form bubble after whisking, and continue turning silky creamy! I really enjoying the process... ...

From the pandan chiffon posted few days ago, i was not really satisfy with the "height". I think a success chiffon should "rise higer". Since i love the soft like cotton texture so much that i wanted to give it a second trial.

So..... here comes my coco chiffon!! Yeah......

(I did some admendment from the previousPandan Chiffon recipe)

Ingredient A:
5 egg yolk
70g sugar
4 tbls corn oil (i use spoon that we drink soup)
10 tbls Dutch Lady chocolate milk (i use spoon that we drink soup)
few drop vanilla essence
Ingredient B:
120g self-rising flour
30g cocoa powder

Ingredient C:
5 egg white
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
30g sugar

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pandan Chiffon

I am challenging Chiffon this time. I borrow the 20 cm chiffon mould from my mother. I consulted blogger friend, Pynn, and do many research from blogs of many master of Chiffon, like Mok and Moon.

I don't have pandan essence, so i substitute with vanilla essence. However, the pandan juice really did its part. After my chiffon sit in the oven for 10 mins, the pandan aroma started to "seduce"us. The longer the time, the stronger the aroma. Emmm...........

While i was peeping from the glass door, i was a bit disappointed. The chiffon doesn't "rise" high enough. I think it rise not more than 1 inch. Oh no! will i bake a fail chiffon???? i was cracking my head, but still i need to wait patiently until it's fully baked.

After 40 mins sitting in the over, i took it out and turn over for cooling. I did this action as fast as i could to avoid it from sinking further (since it didn't rise properly as expected). To ascertain the chiffon remain its shape, i never touch it until 3 hours later. It's really easy to get the chiffon out from the mould. Just use small and sharp knife to cut the eage slowly and carefully.

Well, after unmould it's really "short". However, when i cut a piece and taste. The texture is extremely SOFT! I enjoy it with the strong pandan aroma! MUST try again this recipe , and make sure i won't over-stiring the egg white mixture with the egg yolk mixture. This is what i thought would be the main reason for the rising problem.

As i was using 20cm chiffon mould, i reduce proportionly to 4 eggs recipes.

Ingredient A:
4 egg yolk
60g sugar
4 tbls corn oil (i use spoon that we drink soup)
6 tbls pandan juice (i use spoon that we drink soup)
few drop green colouring
few drop vanilla essence

Ingredient B:
120g self-rising flour

Ingredient C:
4 egg white
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
50g sugar (still very sweet, should reduce to 30g)

1. Mix all the ingredients A, combine well. Pour in ingredient B, stir well.
2. Whisk egg white until bubble, add in cream of tartar whisk until creamy. Slowly add in 1/2 the sugar, continue whisking until stiff. Add in another 1/2 of sugar, whisk again until it never fall down while turn over.

3. Scope 1/3 of egg white into egg yolk mixture. Use spatula to mix (scope from downards to upwards) After it's well mixed, pour it into the 2/3 of egg white. Continue mixing with the same method by using spatula.

4. Bake 160 C for 20mins , and 140C for another 30mins.

5. When it's baked, over turn it immediately. Leave for 3 hours or more to unmould it with small knife.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Triple Chocolate Muffin

There is no water supply today but my hand is itchy. So, i intend to do something simple and easy. Since my 3 naughty kids are all at tuition, i am left home quitely without any disturb. It's the best time for me to enjoy my baking. This is the third time i am baking this muffin.
As i said earlier, i was whisking and stiring alone, i did it by patience and by heart. Therefore, these muffins turn out extreamly soft. I love the texture!!
Please refer receipc here:Triple Chocolate Muffins

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oreo No-Bake Cheesecake

No-bake cheesecake is always CREAMY like ice-cream! Since the filling is only phila cream cheese and whipping cream, there is no flavour of gelatine. It just tastes fresh!

Recipes from

2 packagesOreo cookies
(1 1/2 package cookies- crushed )(1/2 package break into quater)
50g melted butter
450g cream cheese
200ml whipping cream
2-3 tbl spoon fine sugar

1. Combine the melted butter with the crushed Oreo cookies. Press into the bottom of the pan as base.
2. Beat the cream cheese and sugar until soft and creamy. Pour in the whipping cream (which has been whipped) and stir in the quater-break Oreo cookies.
3. Pour on the crust, and refrigerate for few hours until it's set.
** I did this before by using 500g cream cheese to 400ml whipping cream, it turns out extreamly creamy. This combination suits those who prefer creamier flavour. This time, i made 450g cream cheese to 200ml whipping cream, which has more proportion of cream cheese. I enjoy more cheese flavour.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oreo Parmesan Cheesecake

Hi, bloggers.....
You might be drooling over my cheesecake, right? You might be thinking, it looks so tempting and perfect, haha! I had the same thinking too.... (Don't misunderstand that i was too proud)
Actually, it's for seeing ONLY! After the first spoon of serving into my mouth, i just vomit out without swallowing !It just can't be eaten totally!!!! YuCK!!!
PARMESAN cheese, you are just not up to the cheesecake standard!! YOU could only be the "add-on" on the pasta or pizza. Don't step across the border, never ever!!!!
In my baking journey, i had never throw away any "babies", even the first trial of any type of desserts. It' the FIRST TIME!!! One thing that's can console me is, the pic still looks nice!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chocolate Swiss Roll

Yes, i have been addicted to making swiss roll. Since my first attempt of yogurt swiss roll is popular among children, i intend to bake a chocolate favour one this time.

I don't have any fruit jam at home, so i "borrow" from my mom-- the black current jam (with black current inside). I know it's sweet, so i only spread a thin layer on the cake.

The chocolate sponge cake is so soft with the chocolate aroma. It's not rich but very fresh with each bite!

It's the same recipe with the Yogurt Swiss Roll, just that i add a big tablespoon of cocoa powder to mix with the superfine flour :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


With the arrival of the fifteenth-day of the lunar Chinese New Year , it's the last day for celebration.

The most unbearable CNY foodie for me, is the "glutinuos rice cake" (年糕)!
The last day of CNY, i prepared this fry chessy glutinuos rice cake. Wishing all my family and friends have a great tiger year of 步步高升!