Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marble Chiffon

My 4th chiffon doen't turn out as well as the previous. It collaps after cool down~~sigh ...

Mistakes learnt:
1. I never whisk the egg whites till peak form(干性发泡). I purposely whisk until semi-peak ONLY (湿性发泡). I thought the chiffon will be more moisture. Oh!! It is too moisture, and it sinks to make it "dense".

2. Futhermore, i added more liquid (milk) into the egg-yolk batter. Anyway, i think this may not be the "factor of failure".

3. Due to the above 1. & 2., i should have baked the chiffon for a longer period. I baked for 50 mins (yes, should be long enough,rite?) But, as i said earlier. I put in more milk to make it more watery, therefore, i should extend the baking time for another 15-20mins.

4. There's another thing make me confuse. I always bake with fan on. I learnt from a blogger that baking with fan will make the cake dry, so this is the first time i bake with no fan. Does this matter too? Causing the temperature too low??

Despite of the above, i should say this is a good recipe. It's only my mistake that turn this chiffon out of shape. I like this recipe because my chiffon rise quite high in the oven, without using baking powder. The texture is indeed very soft compared to previous baked chiffons. Is it because of the egg whites are more than egg yolks ?? (I used 5 egg whites, and 3 egg yolks)

Recipes from Kitchen Corner :Chocolate Marble Chiffon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mini Fruit Tarts

I bought 10 kiwi in the fridge. My children don't like kiwi as they found this green and hairy little one very sour. I myself can't finish all the kiwi before it's too ripe, so i was thinking to make some fruit tarts. And, something delights me...... there is another fruit laying inside the tupperware in the fridge too, they're grapes! Oh, i think these green and red are the best couple to decorate my fruit tarts!

It took me 2 hours for the whole process. The custard cream is very creamy and not too sweet, together with the sourness of kiwi and sweetness of grapes.... what a refreshing mini fruit tarsts....
Recipes from June's 迷你水果塔(I did some admendment)
(The following recipe is just nice to make 20 mini tarts)

160g flour
25g milk powder
80g butter
1/2 egg
10 castor sugar

1. Whisk butter and sugar until pale, add in egg.
2. Pour the flour and milk powder, continue mixing until it form a soft dough.
3. Divide the dough into 20 and press into the mini tart mould. Prick before baking.
4. Bake 150C for 10-15mins.

Custard Cream:
180ml fresh milk (bring to boil)
25g castor sugar
1 egg yolk
12g flour
5g corn flour
10g butter

1. Mix egg yolk and castor sugar. Add in flour and corn flour, stir well.
2. Put the 1. on a double boiler, slowly add in the hot milk and stir until it become thick and creamy.
3. Once you are satisfy with the texture of the custard, remove from heat and add in the butter immediately. Stir until well-mixed.
4. Cool the custard while prepare fresh fruits.
5. Pipe the custard into the crust and decorate with prefered fresh fruits, keep refrigerator.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blueberry Cheese Cake (pastry base)

I like this angle to present the first piece....

Water-bath cheesecake..... It really gives the cheesecake a better looks ^^
I like the pastry base very much!! The texture of the cheesecake is a bit firm compared to my previous bake. A little amount of unsalted butter added into the cheese batter may be the reason.
I wanted to do the swirl (something like the creamer on top of cappucino). Pynn forgot to listed down that the swirl need to be drawn before baking. After i took out the cheesecake from the oven, it's set and can't do the swirling anymore. I just create this (you think it is wheel or spider seb)?? or just anyhow draw??? I hope you don't find it ugly since it's my first attempt using plastic beg to do hand decorating >_< Receip from Pynn Lee

(can make 3 pieces 8"pan, can be refrigerated for 1/2 year )
Ingredient A:
250g Butter, soften
100g Icing sugar 1 egg

Ingredient B:
380g Flour
t tsp vanilla essence
1.Whisk butter and icing sugar with medium speed. Add in egg to combine well.
2.Slowly add in the flour and essence to form dough.
3. Arrange the dough as base into 8" springform pan. Prick with fork, bake at 160C for 10-15 mins. (Don't over bake until dry, just bake until it's cooked)

500g Cream Cheese
75g Unsalted butter
130g Icing sugar
1 egg
1tsp Vanila essence
1 tbsp lemon juice
some Blueberry Filling
1.Whisk ream cheese, butter, and sugar with medium speed until creamy and silky.Add in egg to combin well. Then, add in vanilla essence and lemon juice to stir well.
2. Pour half the cream cheese batter onto the pastry crust. Arrange some blueberry filling, and cover with the remaining cheese batter.
3. Steam-bake 35min, 150C. (Put your cheesecake at the lower part of the oven to avoid breaking at the top.)
4. Rest the cheese cake in the oven for 1 hour. Decorate with some blueberry on top, refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Layers Swiss Roll

Excuse me to post a failed Tiger-Strip Swiss Roll. Instead, i over-turn the "Tiger" into a soft yellow layer cake. And, now you see a double layers swiss roll. Haaaha...... Spirit of Ah-Q!

The baking process of pandan swiss roll is successful. I should say, the aroma of pandan is really appetizing. I never spread the fresh cream generously, as i am afraid it will be too much when rolling. BUT, i was WRONG!! The cake would taste nicer if there is more cream. I should be reminded of this next time.

When the pandan roll is sitting to wait for her partner, i was preparing the Tiger-strip layer. Everything goes well before baking. The first 3mins in the oven, the richness smell of egg yolks has delighed me. I never bother to keep a view of it, until the bell rang (that's 10 mins later).

Oh!! i forgot the temperature of my oven is always higer than others.... and the tiger-strip layer just got burnt!!!! Oh...NO!!! i was frustrated at first, quickly take it out. I can only use knift to peel off the burnt part. The upper layer has been "hurt". I over-turn the layer (the bottom layer). Wow! to my surprise, i see my angel.." A soft yellow cotton looks......". So, i use it to roll the pandan layer. Now you see this double layer swiss roll.....

Recipes from Moon's虎皮蛋糕卷