Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marble Chiffon

My 4th chiffon doen't turn out as well as the previous. It collaps after cool down~~sigh ...

Mistakes learnt:
1. I never whisk the egg whites till peak form(干性发泡). I purposely whisk until semi-peak ONLY (湿性发泡). I thought the chiffon will be more moisture. Oh!! It is too moisture, and it sinks to make it "dense".

2. Futhermore, i added more liquid (milk) into the egg-yolk batter. Anyway, i think this may not be the "factor of failure".

3. Due to the above 1. & 2., i should have baked the chiffon for a longer period. I baked for 50 mins (yes, should be long enough,rite?) But, as i said earlier. I put in more milk to make it more watery, therefore, i should extend the baking time for another 15-20mins.

4. There's another thing make me confuse. I always bake with fan on. I learnt from a blogger that baking with fan will make the cake dry, so this is the first time i bake with no fan. Does this matter too? Causing the temperature too low??

Despite of the above, i should say this is a good recipe. It's only my mistake that turn this chiffon out of shape. I like this recipe because my chiffon rise quite high in the oven, without using baking powder. The texture is indeed very soft compared to previous baked chiffons. Is it because of the egg whites are more than egg yolks ?? (I used 5 egg whites, and 3 egg yolks)

Recipes from Kitchen Corner :Chocolate Marble Chiffon


  1. Marble chiffon
    i did make it b4
    maybe wanna make a blueberry chiffon this weekend !
    give me two pieces , yummy

  2. You should make a strawberry one, haha!!