Monday, April 12, 2010

Layers Swiss Roll

Excuse me to post a failed Tiger-Strip Swiss Roll. Instead, i over-turn the "Tiger" into a soft yellow layer cake. And, now you see a double layers swiss roll. Haaaha...... Spirit of Ah-Q!

The baking process of pandan swiss roll is successful. I should say, the aroma of pandan is really appetizing. I never spread the fresh cream generously, as i am afraid it will be too much when rolling. BUT, i was WRONG!! The cake would taste nicer if there is more cream. I should be reminded of this next time.

When the pandan roll is sitting to wait for her partner, i was preparing the Tiger-strip layer. Everything goes well before baking. The first 3mins in the oven, the richness smell of egg yolks has delighed me. I never bother to keep a view of it, until the bell rang (that's 10 mins later).

Oh!! i forgot the temperature of my oven is always higer than others.... and the tiger-strip layer just got burnt!!!! Oh...NO!!! i was frustrated at first, quickly take it out. I can only use knift to peel off the burnt part. The upper layer has been "hurt". I over-turn the layer (the bottom layer). Wow! to my surprise, i see my angel.." A soft yellow cotton looks......". So, i use it to roll the pandan layer. Now you see this double layer swiss roll.....

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