Monday, December 21, 2009


Everyone is having christmas mood, shopping for christmas gifts. However, don't foget to celebrate 东至 (the last chinese festival in a year) which falls 3 days earlier than the merry christmas, 22 of December.

Every year, i will buy the ready-made glutinuos dough (pink/ yellow/ white)and the peanut powder from the grocery shop. Just need to boil the ginger soup, and roll the ready dough. Simple and express for working mom.

But, this year i intended to try to make my own dumpling. As i always say, when you got the right recipe, every baking or cooking become easy. Yes, i got the right recipe again! It's as easy as ABC. :)

Recipe from Feminie
Festive cook book

100g glutinous flour
60ml warm water

1. Slowly pour the warm water into glutinous flour. Stir until well-combined.
2. Knead a piece of soft dough aroung 20g, blanch into a pot of boiling water for 1 min or until it afloat .
3. Use the cooked dough to mix with the rest of the uncooked dough. Knead until smooth and non-sticky.
4. Roll into long sticj, apport dumpling dough into 22 portions, shape round, flatten them and wrap in 5-6 chocolate chips filling.
pandan leave 3pcs. knotted
ginger, peel and use back of the knife to press hard

1. Boil water with knotted pandan leave and ginger.
2. When the water is boiled, put in all the dumpling and cook for 3-5 mins
3. When the dumpling afloat, add some crystal sugar for sweetness.
4. Cook for another 2mins, you can have hot and QQ dumplings now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

English Scones

My first impression towards Scone is-- it's HARD like STONE when i was holding it. I would never try it if it's not recommended by my mom. She encouraged me to try the raisin scones from Milky Bakery. Gosh! I love it once i have a bite.

Scones-- a british quickbread/ cake/ biscuits. It can be eaten plain, or best serve with some jam. I put some blueberry filling to serve warm, and it's really delicious!! I just love the taste of each bites. It tastes so differently from cakes or muffins. I want to thank Ching for her sharing of this simple recipe. I can have homemade scones now, yeah!!
Recipes from Ching午茶时间@Scone
(A)300g all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
50g fine sugar
1/4 tsp salt

(B)80g butter, cut into small cubes

(C)1/2 egg
70ml milk

1. Mix all the ingredients (A) into a bowl.
2. Rub the cubed, softened butter into the flour until crumbly.
3. Make a well in the centre and pour in the milk.
4. Mix with a spatula until it forms a soft dough.
5. Take the dough and knead it on a floured surface but don’t over-knead it.
6. Roll it flat with around 1 inch thickness. Use the scone mould / biscuits mould to cut out. Place on the baking sheet with parchment paper.
7. Brush the top with egg. Bake 150C for 25 mins. Serve warm with your favourite jam.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brownie with Cheese

Yes, I know i have just posted the same recipe recently. And, i repeated again and again. But, i really can't bear to turn down my husband's request/craving for this rich chocolatey brownie. He even volunteer to help me to buy the cream cheese, and later he asked, "Can i have it tonight?" Oh! how can i be so cruel to disappoint him, rite?

This time, i halve the recipe and use a loaf tin for a smaller portion. They are all gone within half a day! The reason i post it here again.... just because i took the picture in different angle from last bake.... just lwanna share... :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Express homemade Kaya

I love kaya toast, but I never thought i will be making kaya myself. I am a lazy bone. I understand that making kaya needs continuously stiring to avoid burnt at the bottom. Hand is tiring and the process takes very long time.

BUT, i came across this recipe which i would call it EXPRESS HOMEMADE KAYA. From preparation, cooking until it's done, i took only half an hour. Can you believe it? It's so easy, simple, and super-express to make a homemade kaya.... Oh! i was so delighted that i feel like singing .... LOL....The taste? you can't doubt it!! as tasty as those homemade kaya. The flavour of egg is just too...too strong!

Recipe from Ching 咖椰のDIY
150 castor sugar
2 tbls brown sugar
100ml coconut milk
some pandan leave


1. Stir together eggs, castor sugar and brown sugar in a bowl. Cook on the stove with minimum gas, continue stiring until sugar dissolve.

2. Filter the egg and sugar mixture. Cook on the stove again with minimum gas, and added in the pandan leave. Continue stiring while adding in the coconut milk slowly.

3. Stir until the kaya is thicker and creamier. Remove the pandan leave. Leave cool before storing. Now, enjoy your kaya with toast!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Potato Croquettes (可乐薯饼)

I had read many Croqueties from food bloggers. The ingredients are easy to prepare and the cooking method needs just frying. A simple and easy, yet very tempting snack! Most importantly, my kids love it!

3 potatoes (boil, cut, smashed)
100g lean pork (chopped)
1/2 stick carrot (diced)
1 onion (diced)
3 fresh/ dried mushroom (diced)

Plain flour
1 egg
Bread crumbs

1. Fry some garlic with onion, mushroom, carrot until fragrant. Add in lean pork, continue frying until cooked. Leave cool.

2. Mix the pork mixture into smashed potato. Mix and stir until well combined. Use clean hand to make them into patty.

3. Dust the patty with flour, dip it into egg, then dust with bread crumbs. Use palm to press a bit, so that the bread crumbs will adhere to the patty.

4. Fry until turning gold.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chocolate Muffin with Chocolate Chunks

Since last baked for brownie, my hubby is craving for chocolate. He requested me to bake the rich chocolate brownie again, but i am bored of having the same food continuosly. It has been quite some time that the family do not have muffins. (I never bought muffin from bakery, as i found them too sweet and not soft/fluffy to my taste)

Again, i used the "Best muffin recipes" in my cookbook. This time, i omitted the chocolate chips, and substitute with chocolate chunks/flakes to add into batter. I spinkled some chocolate chips on top for a nicer presentation. Somemore, the milk i used is Dutch Lady Chocolate flavour fresh milk. Oh, can you imagine how rich of the taste of chocolate in my muffin ??? LOL .......

The texture , again, turn out soft and fluffy. Thanks Hsling ..... :)

Please refer recipe from Triple Chocolate Muffins
Ingredients are all the same, except:
*I substitute the chocolate chips to a small bowl of chocolate chunks/flakes, chopped from dark chocolate bar
*liquid increased to 60ml chocolate flavour milk

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brownie with Swirl Cheese

Aunty is coming from KL with her little daughter, Jasmine. I know for sure, Jasmine will play with my eldest daughter, Megan. They are closed as relative and as friend since they are at the same age. I intend to bake something for her and my Aunty.

I still have the last block of cream cheese left in the fridge, so i decided to re-follow one of my favorite recipe. The cocoa taste rich that everyone love it! My husband even request me to bake another one on the following day, as he love cocoa a lot!

Please refer to my previous baked at Cream Cheese Brownie. You might be wondering why i named the same recipe differently, huh?? I wanted to try the marble effect, which i think i need practise. I pour 1/3 of the brownie batter into baking tray, following by cream cheese batter. Then, drop the balance of the brownie batter on top. Use plastic knife to draw swirl.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Horlicks Doggie

For my boy's sake, i bake again this tedious doggie cookies. See how noble i am, haha! He brought the cute doggies to kindergarten to celebrate children's day this morning. :)

Surprisingly, this time is much more faster and easier than last time. Maybe it's the magic of CO-OPERATION!!! waahaha... I made an exception last night, to let my kids "hands-on" to produce all the cute doggies.

I would like to share with you a secret! Shhh....
Now then i know, Milo妈咪和Horlicks妈咪生出来的狗狗,真的是有差别的!!!
Horlicks doggies just taste, somemore very sticky to teeth.
Milo doggies are so chocolatey.... too nice to resist!!!

For recipe, please refer my last baked Doggy Milo Cookies. I just substitute the milo to horlicks (with same amt)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Chocolate Tarts

I miss pastry. I want something with chocolate. Here comes the mini chocolate tarts. :)
Trust me, the chocolate custard is very nice!!! Give this recipe a try!

But there's something troubling me..... i think this pastry (from my previous apple tart recipe) seems not so suitable for the chocolate custart! It's too easily "breakable" type of pastry.
You may try this mixture to form the pastry:-- melted butter mix with crushed biscuits. OR, use your favorite pastry recipe.
I made 18 mini tarts in two hours. Guess what! They are all finished within 1/2 hour. "You see, now you don't" haha.......

Mix and match recipe from Pink Lady :P

120g baking chocolate
3 tbls butter
1 tbl sugar
1 1/2 eggs

1. Melt the baking chocolate with butter using double-boil method. Let it cool, set aside.
2. Stir eggs and sugar, slightly beat.
3. Pour the egg mixture into cooled chocolate. Stir until combine.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Milo Muffin with Cheese Filling

Hsling's muffin recipes has never disappointed me! This muffin recipe has a very soft and fluffy texture. The original recipe use 2 tbls cocoa powder, but mine has finished, so i just substitute with milow powder.
It's sad that i am not very satisfy with its look. Other bloggers's cheese filling muffin looks nice; but, see mine? my cheese filling is not "hiding" in the center of the muffin, and the cheese never "burst out" from the top of the muffin..... :(
I guess i need to make a well in the muffin batter,to put in the cheese filling..... next time! Yes, next time..... to recover its original looks :)

Recipes from Hsling (but i made some amendment)
Cheese Filling:
Cream Cheese 120g
2 tbls castor sugar
*Just mix well.

85g butter
70g brown sugar
2 eggs
70ml fresh milk
140 self-rising flour
4-5 tbls milo powder

1. Mix butter and brown sugar until well combine.
2. Add in one egg, beatin until combine, then follow with the second egg. Continue beating.
3. In another bowl, mix the flour and milo powder together. Pour in half the flour mixture to the batter. Beating.
4. Pour in the fresh milk, beating until dissolve.
5. Again, pour in the balance of the flour mixture to the batter. Beating until well combine.
6. Scoop one big spoon of batter into muffin cup. Then, one scoop of cheese batter in the centre. Finish with another spoon of muffin batter.
7. Bake at 160 C for 25 mins.

Monday, November 2, 2009


My hubby is craving for 花生糊 since 2 weeks ago. We tasted a very rich peanut flavour and creamy dessert at Restoran JinJin during a gathering after my dear grandmother's funeral.

He has been searching for stall that sells this dessert. At the same time, i am searching for the recipe thr net. The traditional methods is tedious. It requires to fry the peanuts, leave it cool, blend with white rice, before put to the gas to cook. Luckily and finally, i got a very simple methods from my Aunty-Hua. It is express and simply, yet i got the creamy taste!!!


5 tbls brown rice powder
3 tbls peanut butter
300ml water

1. Stir the brown rice powder with 300ml water until the powder fully dissolve into water. Put to the gas to cook on low heat, continue stiring until thicken.
2. Stir peanut butter with 1 tbls of water. Pour it into the brown rice mixture. Continue stiring.
3. Lastly, put some sugar for your taste of sweetness.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Durian Cheese Cake

Ehmm..... it's not only rich, but dense!!

This is specially posted for those durian fans. The taste of durian has fully covered the taste of cheese. It's just like eating durian! The mixture of cream cheese and durian flesh make it too ..... dense and rich! If you are not into durian, do not try this!
Be prepare, your hands, your mouth and fridge will be full of durian smells.......

160g crushed chocolate marie biscuits
80g melted butter

500g cream cheese
80g caster sugar
220g durian flesh
3 eggs
80ml milk
2 tbls flour

1. To make the base, stir all ingredients until combined. Press mixture into base. Set aside.
2. To make the filling, beat cream cheese, sugar and durian flesh until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
3. Beat in milk and flour until blended.
4. Bake in oven at 160C for 35minutes or until light brown.
5. Remove from the heat and leave to cool completely. Chill in fridge 5 hours or overnight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Orange Chocolate Cheese Cake

I am craving for Cheesecake since my last bake. I forgot which recipes books i came across with this idea, which i had copied down in my note. But, i just wanna to taste how chocolate and orange be together. And, i wanna try the recipe with flour added in making cheesecake.

This time, i am using oatmeal biscuits. I didn't crush until very fine, very small pieces which are bitable. The base turns out very crunchy! Well, i don't really taste the orange flavour in the cheesecake. Maybe juice from only one orange doesn't enough. I suggest to squeeze in 2 oranges and skip away the milk. Flour added cheesecake do taste a little bit like cake.

1 pkt Oat biscuits, crushed
120g melted butter

90g sugar
3 egg whites
600g cream cheese
3 egg yolks
50ml milk
50g flour
juice from 1 orange

Melted chocolate
whipping cream

Methods for cream cheese batter:
1. whisk egg whites and sugar until creamy, set aside.
2. Beat cream cheese and egg yolks until well combined.
3. Add in milk and orange juice, continue beating.
4. Fold in flour, and stir well.
5. Pour in egg whites micture into cheese batter in 3 times, gently and slowly stirring until fully combined.
6. Pour the batter on top of biscuits base.
7. Bake 150C for 45mins. Leave in the oven for another 1 hour with door slighly open.
8. Keep in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Spread the chocolate topping and garnish with oranges.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This soup is specially made to my dearest son. He is very pitiful, "torturing" by skin problem for nearly a year. I have to be very careful for his eating habbits. Eggs and chickens are strictly prohibited. My Indon maid even told me that in her kampung, people with skin problem also cannot take fish. SO, my poor son can only take pork and vegetables. Can you imagine, how boring is his meals?

My mom-in-law suggested me to give him edible frog (田鸡), which helps in skin healing. Here is the soup i made for him. He enjoy it eventhough it's a bit bitter, with the herb (花旗参). GOOD BOY!

花旗参 两小包
红枣 一手把
枸杞子 少许
300克 田鸡