Monday, November 2, 2009


My hubby is craving for 花生糊 since 2 weeks ago. We tasted a very rich peanut flavour and creamy dessert at Restoran JinJin during a gathering after my dear grandmother's funeral.

He has been searching for stall that sells this dessert. At the same time, i am searching for the recipe thr net. The traditional methods is tedious. It requires to fry the peanuts, leave it cool, blend with white rice, before put to the gas to cook. Luckily and finally, i got a very simple methods from my Aunty-Hua. It is express and simply, yet i got the creamy taste!!!


5 tbls brown rice powder
3 tbls peanut butter
300ml water

1. Stir the brown rice powder with 300ml water until the powder fully dissolve into water. Put to the gas to cook on low heat, continue stiring until thicken.
2. Stir peanut butter with 1 tbls of water. Pour it into the brown rice mixture. Continue stiring.
3. Lastly, put some sugar for your taste of sweetness.

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  1. My hubby also likes this 花生糊very much and I think your recipe is more straight forward. Thanks for sharing.