Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Chocolate Tarts

I miss pastry. I want something with chocolate. Here comes the mini chocolate tarts. :)
Trust me, the chocolate custard is very nice!!! Give this recipe a try!

But there's something troubling me..... i think this pastry (from my previous apple tart recipe) seems not so suitable for the chocolate custart! It's too easily "breakable" type of pastry.
You may try this mixture to form the pastry:-- melted butter mix with crushed biscuits. OR, use your favorite pastry recipe.
I made 18 mini tarts in two hours. Guess what! They are all finished within 1/2 hour. "You see, now you don't" haha.......

Mix and match recipe from Pink Lady :P

120g baking chocolate
3 tbls butter
1 tbl sugar
1 1/2 eggs

1. Melt the baking chocolate with butter using double-boil method. Let it cool, set aside.
2. Stir eggs and sugar, slightly beat.
3. Pour the egg mixture into cooled chocolate. Stir until combine.

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