Monday, November 30, 2009

Brownie with Swirl Cheese

Aunty is coming from KL with her little daughter, Jasmine. I know for sure, Jasmine will play with my eldest daughter, Megan. They are closed as relative and as friend since they are at the same age. I intend to bake something for her and my Aunty.

I still have the last block of cream cheese left in the fridge, so i decided to re-follow one of my favorite recipe. The cocoa taste rich that everyone love it! My husband even request me to bake another one on the following day, as he love cocoa a lot!

Please refer to my previous baked at Cream Cheese Brownie. You might be wondering why i named the same recipe differently, huh?? I wanted to try the marble effect, which i think i need practise. I pour 1/3 of the brownie batter into baking tray, following by cream cheese batter. Then, drop the balance of the brownie batter on top. Use plastic knife to draw swirl.

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