Monday, December 21, 2009


Everyone is having christmas mood, shopping for christmas gifts. However, don't foget to celebrate 东至 (the last chinese festival in a year) which falls 3 days earlier than the merry christmas, 22 of December.

Every year, i will buy the ready-made glutinuos dough (pink/ yellow/ white)and the peanut powder from the grocery shop. Just need to boil the ginger soup, and roll the ready dough. Simple and express for working mom.

But, this year i intended to try to make my own dumpling. As i always say, when you got the right recipe, every baking or cooking become easy. Yes, i got the right recipe again! It's as easy as ABC. :)

Recipe from Feminie
Festive cook book

100g glutinous flour
60ml warm water

1. Slowly pour the warm water into glutinous flour. Stir until well-combined.
2. Knead a piece of soft dough aroung 20g, blanch into a pot of boiling water for 1 min or until it afloat .
3. Use the cooked dough to mix with the rest of the uncooked dough. Knead until smooth and non-sticky.
4. Roll into long sticj, apport dumpling dough into 22 portions, shape round, flatten them and wrap in 5-6 chocolate chips filling.
pandan leave 3pcs. knotted
ginger, peel and use back of the knife to press hard

1. Boil water with knotted pandan leave and ginger.
2. When the water is boiled, put in all the dumpling and cook for 3-5 mins
3. When the dumpling afloat, add some crystal sugar for sweetness.
4. Cook for another 2mins, you can have hot and QQ dumplings now.

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