Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This soup is specially made to my dearest son. He is very pitiful, "torturing" by skin problem for nearly a year. I have to be very careful for his eating habbits. Eggs and chickens are strictly prohibited. My Indon maid even told me that in her kampung, people with skin problem also cannot take fish. SO, my poor son can only take pork and vegetables. Can you imagine, how boring is his meals?

My mom-in-law suggested me to give him edible frog (田鸡), which helps in skin healing. Here is the soup i made for him. He enjoy it eventhough it's a bit bitter, with the herb (花旗参). GOOD BOY!

花旗参 两小包
红枣 一手把
枸杞子 少许
300克 田鸡


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