Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cutest-ever Egg Moulds

Thanks Pynn, my FB-mate from Penang.
I came across some food bloggers, preparing bento for their kids with beautiful and cute-shaped eggs. I am lucky enough to meet Pynn, and asked her for a favour to buy for me. She didn't hesitate and was willing to help me to buy the cutest-ever egg moulds. Furthermore, she queue at the Post Laju at the Post Office to courier the gift to me. I am so touch in my heart to express my gratitude to her. I want to bank-in the cost to her, but she just refuse to accept a single cents. This makes me feel bad.

She is just TOO HELPFUL and FRIENDLY.....!!!

When i received the parcel from the postman, i was very excited! I have been longed for these cutie for some times. I could say they are just too cute for me....OHH!! I IMMEDIATELY ask Kakak to boil 4 eggs for me... i want to test the mould to get the shape!

Well, first trial.... so a bit messy at the edges. See, they are cute, aren't they ?

Thanks Pynn again, for making my day so wonderful :)

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  1. The mould is indeed very cute. Never seen it before. I wondering if its available in Malaysia.