Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yogurt Swiss Roll (1st Attempt)

I love Swiss Roll. I have been thinking of baking my own swiss roll.

I have no confidence in the process of beating the egg white to stiff. Thanks Pynn for her advice. Furthermore, i came across some comments that the rolling part do crack easily, which made me hesistate in trying to bake a swiss roll. I even looked for the rolling methods from youtube, and decided to try it out!

I don't have a proper swiss roll baking tray at home. I just use a bigger square tray. Therefore, the batter is thinner and roll up to more layers.

For the filling, i thought of using Nutella Spread (since we don't really like jam). But, no stock in my kitchen..... Well, i am cracking my head.... Suddenly i thought of making the Chocolate spread myself...... (pls refer to below).

It turn out great !!!! My three kids each having 3 pcs at one short, and ask for more.... But, i need to keep some for my hubby.... See, how delicious it could be!

I love this yogurt swiss roll. I will try some other favour soon....

Recipes from Hsling 's优格蛋糕卷

Recipes for the chocolate filling:

100g baking chocolate
4tbls whipping cream

Double boil the above ingredients in the stove.

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