Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffee Chiffon (with chocolate chips)

These few days i am vexed and moody,which made me feel really helpless. 0(==)0
It' a very personal family matter, which i keep inside my heart........ until it burst!!
However, when i am writing my baking story here, i feel calm and happy. Yes, baking is my only remedy. That's why i always appreciate very much for all your comments. Thanks to all my friends here ^o^ for your support and encouragement in my baking journey.

Because of the mini chiffon mould, that i used to bake the mini chiffon two days ago. I just love its mini size and cute chiffon which make me so eager to try it out again. Coffee is banned in my daily life. Although the aroma of coffee smells so irresistable but my heart is too weak to take a full cup of coffee.

It's the same recipe as OREO Chiffon *欧丽哟戚风*. I make some adjustment as follows:

(a) 80ml milk -- change to:
20g 3-1instant coffee powder + 80ml milk (boil on the stove until coffee powder has fully dissolved) * If you prefer strong coffee, just add the full packet of 40g.

(b) 12pcs Oreo biscuits crushed -- change to:
150g chocolate chips
Coffee chiffon with many chocolate chips~ definately a very matching combination *0*


  1. 我要这个,给我多多,我喜欢吃涅....

  2. this chiffon cake so attractive. Beh tahan la! i take 1 pc to try first & will try to make when free. Thanks your recipe.
    Good Day!

  3. 原来你也是做戚风做上瘾哦
    嘻嘻!~~ 咖啡我要吃,^6^

  4. 鲸鱼:很少人抗拒得了咖啡和巧克力~偏偏我要把它们二合为一。是为了宠一宠自己吗?

  5. Pynn: 软软的戚风~好脆弱。 让人不忍心欺负它!

  6. 我也爱咖啡的哦!

  7. 我也是好愛這牌子的咖啡!蛋糕做的很好哦!