Friday, August 6, 2010

Celery & Apple Juice *西芹苹果汁*

I don't take gassy drinks. They contains too much sugar that make people fat.
Except Milo, Horlick and Oat, i drink milkshakes, soya and fruit juice if i am craving for cold beverage. Here, i introduce to you a very simple ingredients, and easy to prepare (less than 10 mins) .... you get this!

Celery is the best remedy for those suffer from high blood pressure...
Apple for those who wants to look young and pretty.... ^^
1 stick of celery (peal and diced)
2 red apples (peal, cored & diced)
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of ice cubes

BLEND ALL ~~ You get two glasses of fresh and sugarless healthy fruit & vegetable juice!!

(Must drink straight after blending, as the both celery and apple may turn the colour very soon. So as to absorb all the vitamin into body.)


  1. wah !~~ healthy juice
    i like it ! ^^
    give me i cup please

  2. Pynn : Can't u see i prepared 2 glasses. One for me, and the other one for u ^^

  3. 鲸鱼:清凉又健康,真的好喝!清肠胃喔~